BiMonthly: Jul/Aug 23

It’s September 2023, which means it’s time for a MilitiaWatch Monthly. This time, however, the Monthly includes two months, July and August 2023. Here are some of the main stories this time:

  • Virginia Boogaloo fiasco in Gloucester
  • Bundy (finally) turns himself in
  • Secret Service caught chatting with Oath Keepers
  • FL State Guard accused of being “militialike”
  • J6 and Whitmer case updates

Given the tardiness of this update and the added timeframe, some stories may be left out or shortened more than usual.

The previous MW Monthly (June) can be read here:


Monthly: Mar 23

Greetings, MilitiaWatch readers! Here’s a review of militia activity in March of 2023. Apologies for the delay in publication. Last month’s update (February 2023) is available here. This month’s updates include more Oath Keepers convictions, Kenosha militia appointments, more updates in the Southwest, a late update on a militia leader running for mayor, and some discourse on a county militia in Virginia.


Monthly: January 2022

After a break in weekly updates, MilitiaWatch returns in 2022 with a monthly format instead. If you’d prefer to listen to a version of the information contained below, you may also want to check out the MilitiaWatchMonthly podcast here. All MW updates (monthlies now and weeklies before) can be accessed via this link.


Weekly (x2): 12 Jul 21

Happy July, y’all. Here’s a two-week update after MilitiaWatch took last Monday off. There’s a lot to cover here, but here are some included:

  • Two new MilitiaWatch pieces (YCPT and III% Security Force)
  • Moorish group has armed standoff in Massachusetts
  • Stewart Rhodes talks to Feds, attends CPAC
  • III% tattoo spotted on Food Network participant
  • VA militia still raffling guns, gain writing position at local outlet


Weekly: 21 Jun 21

This week, a brief update covering some of the following:

  • Several police officers face consequences related to J6 riot
  • Ex-police chief uses charity to fund violence
  • Oath Keepers organization in turmoil, founder used funds from it on non-OK related goods


Weekly: 14 Jun 21

This week, an update featuring some of the following:

  • More details emerge in Grizzly Scouts Boogaloo cases
  • Neo-Nazi provocateurs plead guilty to gun charges
  • J6 arrests near 500
  • Bundy followers threaten another standoff


Weekly: 29 Mar 21

Chag sameach to those observing and happy Holi to those celebrating! Here’s a weekly round-up that’s a bit shorter than the last few weeks. This one covers the following:

  • SC Senators aim to make all Palmetto State residents militia members
  • Court docs indicate attempted “alliance” between Oath Keepers, III%, and Proud Boys
  • Virginia sheriff’s office and county militia hold joint gun raffle


Weekly Update: 19 Oct 2020

In the second MW weekly news round-up, some updates on last week’s stories and some updates on some much older stories, too. These new happenings are then related to reading within the MW archives and around the web. Here’s the weekly(ish) update for 19 October 2020.


Militias March on Richmond, Post-Mortem 01: a new decade of militia activity, cold feet, and the “antifa” schism

This post is another promised follow-up from a previous piece in an ongoing saga of III% splinters in the past year. Therefore, it is highly recommended that readers of this piece first review of what has preceded it within the movement:

Much has happened since this previous article, but this update seeks to focus on another falling out emanating from the January 20th Virginia gathering anticipated in the previous article. Another article will detail more of this gathering in context with future militia activism, but this one focuses on an important fracture within the movement.

Mike Rage and Tammy Lee seemed confident and excited about the energy surrounding the January 20 2nd Amendment rally planned as a march on Virginia’s capital following the threat of gun reform at the state level. They were by no means the primary organizers of the rally but had been hyping up the event and preparing for New York organizing well beyond the MLK Day gathering, too. This future planned event has since been canceled due to COVID19-related closures.