Monthly: Jan 23

Hello, MilitiaWatch readers! Here you’ll find the monthly update for January 2023, the first of a new year for militia activity. This one’s another brief update, with some legal updates and a few key moments of mobilization that are worth knowing about.

Last month’s update, December 22, is available for your reading pleasure here and all other updates can be found here.


The Georgia Home Guard: The trappings and rhetorical trap of a ‘defensive’ militia

MilitiaWatch was given files from the internal and semi-public communications of a Georgia-based militia group. These files, provided to MilitiaWatch by the Atlanta Antifascists, show extremely worrying plans that may be indicative of conversations within other contemporary militia groups. This piece assesses some of this content and provides context that may be useful to those looking to assess the psychic and social environments in which militias like this seek to engage.