Monthly: Jun 24

Hello, MW reader, and welcome to summer. Here’s another light monthly roundup of militia-related news stories for June 2024. Below you’ll find coverage of some of the following:

  • RW influencers form new national ‘militia’
  • Church apologizes for militia ad in bulletin
  • Jury finds Moorish activists guilty

And last month’s update is available here:

NAPALM and J6 Updates

At the start of June, a handful of right-wing influencers and usual grifters announced the formation of a new organization, the North American Patriot and Liberty Militia (NAPALM). Jake Lang, who is currently still being held in pre-trial detention, is named as the organization’s leader. Lang was on hunger strike this month while being held in solitary confinement. Recruitment for the group has been chaotic and laden with allegations from would-be joiners that such an outfit would be full of — if not created by — feds. 

In mid-June, likely in some part due to major media reaction, NAPALM rebranded as the America First Constitutional Militia. Jake Lang made this announcement alongside a reveal of the group’s new logo, which replaced NAPALM’s mushroom cloud with an illustration of Paul Revere holding a lantern. The group’s new site is an exact copy of NAPALM’s, which remains online. The network registered at least one other exact copy site with a slightly different domain, though no current social media posts direct to it yet.

Well on the campaign trail, former president Donald J. Trump has once more praised J6 participants, calling them “warriors” this month and affirming his plans to pardon them if elected.

July 1 arrest of David Michael Camden of Arkansas for his role in the J6 storming of the US Capitol Building. Charges against him appear to show him waving an American flag with a III% logo, per images from the DOJ.

Church Sorry for Militia Ad

This month, church leadership at a Catholic church in Chesterfield, Missouri publicly apologized after someone submitted a militia muster call in a church bulletin. The call to action called for the establishment of “The Legion of the Sancta Lana” (Latin translates to “holy wool”). Parishioners told the press they were surprised to see such an advert in their bulletin, given what they perceive as the usual content of their church’s teachings.

Moorish Verdicts from 2021

This month, a jury found two Rise of the Moors members guilty on charges related to a July 3, 2021 standoff in Massachusetts en route to a training exercise in Rhode Island. These two members are: 

  • Jamhal Tavon Sanders Latimer: for possession of a large capacity weapon and a few other gun charges
  • Steven Anthony Perez: unlawful firearm and another related