Weekly: 28 Jun 21

Another short weekly update, covering some of the following:

  • NFAC shooter arrested
  • Bundy runs for governor
  • Church hosts Q event in Virginia
  • First J6 sentencing does not include jail time

NFAC shooter arrested in Georgia

It was revealed this week that a shooter in Florida, named Othal “O-Zone” Wallace, was a member of the Not Fucking Around Coalition (NFAC). On Wednesday, he shot a police officer in Daytona Beach, Florida. A day later, Atlanta-area police began searching for Wallace and arrested him in a treehouse in DeKalb County. When police confronted him, he was heavily armed with four firearms, some flashbangs, and other gear. He has previously marched with the NFAC publicly.

Bundy runs for governor of Idaho

Ammon Bundy formally announced his run for governor of Idaho with a cookout at his ranch. He released a series of videos detailing his run, including with a fun ringtone. Given that Bundy technically runs the People’s Rights Organization (PRO), he also clarified that he’s not going to use the network for his run. The PRO, admittedly, is still engaging in kind of weird activity in Oregon.

J6 updates

A Florida Oath Keeper, Graydon Young, pleaded guilty this past week to charges related to his involvement in the storming of the US Capitol Building. He agreed to cooperate against others in the conspiracy cases against them. Another Oath Keeper, Jon Ryan Schaffer, has a plea agreement including an offer of witness protection. Schaffer is a guitarist and was filmed carrying bear mace on the Capitol grounds.

The first sentence from the J6 Capitol breach carries with it no jail time. Anna Morgan Lloyd, of Indiana, instead was given community service and probation for her sole misdemeanor charge.

More footage of the Proud Boys at the US Capitol storming was released by the DoJ this week, too. More detail about Robert Minuta, a New Jersey Oath Keeper, was also released this week.

Misc updates

At a “flag wave” event in Oregon City, Proud Boys attacked counterdemonstrators, filling the air with mace. A Proud Boy attacked a Vietnam vet on a nearby street, too, getting up in his face for standing with a sign before pushing the man.

Several Nevada counties joined the far-right “Constitutional Sheriffs” organization associated with Richard Mack. The rural counties joined via county commissions.

A III% adherent joined a conservative demonstration against ‘critical race theory’ in Louisville, Kentucky this past week, marking one of the first sightings of members of this loose brand of militant movements since J6. Canada, awkwardly, added the Three Percent movement to their list of terror organizations, despite the movement not having a central or otherwise meaningful organizational structure. Earlier this year, Canada added the Proud Boys to the same list.

In Bedford County, Virginia, a church hosted a QAnon event last month and the county had a militia ‘muster’ this weekend.

A new poll found that 30% of Republican voters agree with a conspiracy theory that Trump would be reinstated, a core tenet of the current QAnon outlook for the late summer.

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Edit: thanks to Twitter user @bennybryant17 for identifying a few details re: Schaffer and Minuta that have since been updated.