Weekly: 31 May 21

Happy Memorial Day to those who have or whose family and friends have lost life and limb in US wars. Here’s another weekly update from MW, which includes the following:

  • J6 arrestee says cops didn’t tell him not to storm the capitol
  • National Guard leaves DC
  • Bundy announces run for governor
  • Grandmaster Jay and Kyle Rittenhouse have legal updates

J6 Updates

A man charged with bringing weapons to DC also had ties to militia groups. Lonnie Coffman, a 71-year-old Texas resident, trained at a well-known militia training facility, according to court documents. In 2020, after the election, Coffman also attempted to meet with Ted Cruz in DC. A member of the senator’s office staff said Coffman seemed “not 100% there”.

Another man charged last week, James Breheny, apparently invited the head of the Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes, to a planning meeting before the J6 storming. Breheny claims that he didn’t think he was breaking the law entering the US Capitol Building because “none of the police officers he encountered told him to stop”.

A Florida school district officer, allegedly a Q adherent and a militia member, is set to enter court soon due to his involvement in the J6 storming.

The final remaining contingent of National Guard troops occupying DC is now withdrawing, despite continuing police reports of threats of far-right violence.

New Jersey Attorney General Grewal spoke to Congress on the rise of militia extremism and white supremacy. Michigan Attorney General Nessel also testified on militia activity, describing her state as “ground zero” of militia activity in the US.

Drama in Idaho (and a bit beyond)

Ammon Bundy, of the People’s Rights Organization and previous Bundy occupations, has filed to run for governor of Idaho. Members of his organization also just set up another occupation over farmer access to irrigation water in Oregon and are awaiting his arrival.

The lieutenant governor of the state has announced she is also running for governor. Lieutenant Governor McGeachin is perhaps most famous for her statements that she would resist lock downs of the state, wielding akimbo a Bible and a gun as she made the announcement. McGeachin recently launched a “Task Force to Examine Indoctrination in Idaho Education”, holding the first meeting of the supposed task force on 27 May. While her governor was out of town, she passed a mandate banning all future mask mandates in the state, much to the chagrin of Governor Little. The Idaho governor then repealed the ban upon his return, which McGeachin’s supporters immediately denounced as “tyranny”.

Misc legal updates

Grandmaster Jay, the leader of the Not Fucking Around Coalition (NFAC), is headed to a grand jury for charges levied at the end of 2020 related to his two visits to Louisville in the wake of Breonna Taylor’s death. Feds submitted two images from surveillance photos that they claim show him pointing his rifle in the direction of officers during his visit to the town.

Kyle Rittenhouse, the Kenosha teen shooter, showed at a morning hearing last week, retaining a new lawyer. The defense lawyer, Corey Chirafisi, joined his legal team as a co-counsel, according to his current attorney. Some of Rittenhouse’s previous lawyers are now prominent Q influencers.

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