Weekly Update: 7 Dec 2020

Another weekly update with some changes and minor disruptions within the sphere of armed activism.

NFAC Lead Arrested

Not Fucking Around Coalition leader Grandmaster Jay was arrested on 3 December on charges of pointing a rifle at federally deputized task force officers in September during a multi-group gathering in Louisville, Kentucky outside the Kentucky Derby. Jay’s group marched through the city in their usual all-black attire but other right-wing militias in the city stayed well clear of where the group was marching. Notably, anti-racist protesters clashed with militia members and followers of Dylan “Angry Viking” Stevens during the same day. The militia side pulled out of the city center and within 15 minutes riot police showed up and pushed back the protesters.

According to the legal complaint filed last week, “The officers and TKO advised they all perceived a threat from Johnson based on him aiming his rifle at them… All officers advised they were concerned Johnson might intentionally, or even accidentally, discharge a round at them.”

Boogaloo Boi charged with soliciting porn from a minor

An adherent to the Boogaloo was charged this week with child enticement. The 33-year-old defendant, who used the pseudonyms “Orgotloth” and “MuskOx” online, allegedly asked a 15-year-old girl for sexually explicit material. The FBI also alleges that the defendant had similar conversations with other users who identified their ages as 13, 15, and 16 years of age.

This is notable especially for a follower of the Boogaloo ‘movement’, which claims to be anti-pedophile in both their public rhetoric and the content they generate online. For example, plenty of Boogaloo chats discuss “yeeting” (read: shooting) pedophiles or putting pedophiles into woodchippers, feet first.

Rittenhouse legal team shaken up

John M. Pierce, a militant lawyer on 17-year-old shooter Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense team, withdrew from the teen’s legal team after the prosecutors on the case indicated that Pierce’s financial issues raised concerns of ethics and/or a conflict of interest in the case. Andrew Calderon, another defense attorney on the case, also withdrew.

Related to Pierce’s resignation, the fundraising effort that Mr. Pierce started in coordination with defamation lawyer Lin Wood, #FightBack, has moved its focus from Rittenhouse’s case towards fighting the election result. Pierce resigned from the board of the #FightBack foundation (which also took credit for bailing out Rittenhouse last month) 3 months ago. #FightBack has used popular mobilization around Rittenhouse (including memes) to fundraise for conservative efforts.

All this just after Rittenhouse’s team attempted to dismiss charges ahead of trial.