Weekly: 15 Mar 21

Beware the Ides of March! This week, we dive into some of the news about the following:

  • Neo-Nazi arrested on illegal possession of a firearm, seems to think old crimes don’t count
  • Wolverines informant says he got involved via Facebook
  • DOJ charges to soon target Oath Keepers more aggressively
  • Bundy hints at equating mask mandate protests to a revolutionary struggle

Legal Proceedings

Paul “Gypsy Crusader” Miller arrested over gun charges; Boogaloo adherent pleads guilty for the same

Paul Miller, the neo-Nazi known as “Gypsy Crusader”, was arrested this past week in Florida for being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. This charge could lead to a maximum penalty of ten years in prison. Miller has a history of pointing his followers to harass targets such as interracial couples, Black people, and Jews. He waived his Miranda rights and talked to the police willingly. The court proceedings so far have been a list of the numerous violent and aggressive things Miller has said, done, or encouraged his followers to do.

Frank William Robertson Perry, a Boogaloo adherent from near Baltimore, pleaded guilty to illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon this past week, too. He asked his girlfriend to purchase a lower receiver for an AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle then bought an assortment of accessories for the firearm online.

Jaap Willem Lijbers, the Dutch Boogaloo adherent arrested last week is still receiving cash payments from followers as he sits in federal detention.

Michigan Wolverine Watchmen informant “Dan” testifies

This past week, a confidential informant for the FBI known as “Dan” testified in the Wolverine Watchmen case regarding the kidnapping plot aimed at Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer. He said in a statement that Facebook is what led him to the plot. Given Facebook’s decade-plus tenure of allowing a healthy militia ecosystem on their platform, this isn’t particularly surprising.

Rittenhouse trial delayed at least seven months

After an agreement between the prosecution and the defense, the trial of alleged teen shooter Kyle Rittenhouse was pushed back at least seven months to allow for lawyers to better build their cases.

J6 Updates

The Department of Justice now claims that Stewart Rhodes, the leader of the Oath Keepers and a J6 attendee, wanted to use “force and violence” to take the Capitol, from messages sent over Signal. He stood outside of the Capitol Building while his followers stormed the building and coordinated with them for much of the day, often via direct contact. More Oath Keeper arrests are likey to come in the next few weeks, as prosecutors have signalled towards that move. Here are some updates on them:

  • Thomas Caldwell, one of the Oath Keepers charged with conspiracy, said he wanted to “hang the traitors” ahead of the storming, according to new documents. This past week, a judge ordered his pretrial release.
  • Robert Minuta, the owner of a tattoo parlor vandalized last week and a security operative for Roger Stone ahead of J6, was arrested this week. He was released on bail shortly thereafter.
  • Joshua James, an Oath Keeper who chauffeured Roger Stone as part of his security detail, was also charged this past week. The Judge elected to keep James in jail due to his PTSD, anxiety, and depression, all of which are likely to be aggravated by jail time.

The ‘Q Shaman’ will also remain in jail at the discretion of the state while awaiting trial.

Another person identified as taking part in the J6 storming was ID’d by his workplace from which he called out sick for the rally. He was known for wearing Trump gear to work.

The FBI released new footage of the would-be pipebomber who strolled through DC late on 5 January. The attempted bomber left pipebombs at the DNC and RNC headquarters and has still not been identified by authorities or other investigators.

The Pentagon also just extended the deployment of the National Guard in DC for about two more months, keeping an armed presence and lockdown in the US capital. Politicians can also now use campaign funds to buy body armor and pepper spray should they fear violent groups on the campaign trail.

Other misc updates

Bundy updates

Ammon Bundy is currently on a tour of Utah spreading information about his People’s Rights Organization to anyone who will give him an audience. This network has been described by insiders as an “Uber for militias” and has aimed its sights at mask mandates and other public health measures over the past few months. During this tour, Bundy has said he’s “not trying to foster a rebellion…I’m only trying to preserve the rights, which God give us” when discussing having to wear face masks.

GOP updates

According to new FBI documents, a Proud Boy and Trump official were in contact with one another just before the storming.

A member of the Arizona Legislature, Wendy Rogers, posted this past week that she spoke at an Oath Keepers recruitment meeting. She also affirmed not only that she supports the group but that she claims to be a member of them.

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