TL;DR—Georgia Home Guard

This post is a summary meant to cover the in-depth work featured in the article here.


  • The Georgia Home Guard is a former area code militia formed on MyMiltia to gather people in the Ellijay, Georgia area. They are led by Jay Johnson and Richard Haskins.
  • The group has recently turned towards orienting their group (which they say is not a militia) towards a militarized compound at Haskins’ house, which they refer to as ‘Rally Point Alpha’ and the ‘Colony’.
  • The group’s de jure leader has expressed his interest in creating IEDs and erecting other defensive structures at the Colony, which borders a propane supply depot.
  • Despite other social media bans, the Georgia Home Guard follows a well-documented recruitment pathway, making use of militia forums and word-of-mouth. Their Gab page serves as a redundant location they send would-be recruits to but don’t use for planning.
  • The group, which constantly claims to be a defense-oriented gathering, has recently trained how to infiltrate an area and kidnap an adversary by force of arms.
  • Their monthly trainings have had variable attendence — one on 21 August 2021 only drew out 2 participants.

If all of this was more interesting than expected, further detail is included in this longer Georgia Home Guard article.