Weekly: 26 Apr 21

Another brief weekly update, spanning some of the following:

  • A militia training site refuses to shut down
  • Zello Tapes now available to the public
  • More Proud Boys arrested for their role in J6

Misc updates

A Vermont militia training center owner refuses to dismantle his illegal training site after months of local complaints about gunfire and threats from the site’s clientele and ownership. The training site is near the New York border.

A militia group provided security for a Shasta County, California, Recall Newsome meeting, according to those attending the meeting.

A League of the South member who was charged for illegally carrying a gun during a demonstration in support of a Confederate monument had her GoFundMe pulled from the fundraising site after Daily Dot contacted the company for comment. The misdemeanor charges against Jessica Reavis are over a year old, which is about how long the fundraiser was online.

More Oath Keepers evidence submitted by the DoJ detail how defendant Kelly Meggs was “searching for at least one member of Congress in particular–House Speaker Nancy Pelosi”. Another party messaged Meggs that they were “hoping to see Nancy’s head rolling down the front steps”, which Meggs replied to with, “We looked forward her.” (The judge in the case noted that “forward” was likely a typo for the word “for”.)

Relatedly, the full Zello Tapes recording is now available, covering conversations happening while the Capitol was being stormed. A companion MW piece, detailing some of the content that remains on Zello and what the dataset of far-right organizing looked like is available here. Watch the tape below or on YouTube.

New Timber Unity signs were spotted in Oregon this week, months after the organization has been heavily recuperated and funded by elite, established interests.

A federal judge ordered two Proud Boys leaders from Florida into custody this week. These two men, Ethan Nordean and Joseph Biggs, are alleged to have planned to disrupt Congress as some of the first people to breach the US Capitol Building on J6. Relatedly, a new ACLED report profiling the Proud Boys and their activity within the dataset is now available online here.

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